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DIT International References & Case study : SCHINDLER

Dear Customers :

We generate this mail to summarize our LEAN International References and to describe a representative Case Study

It has been a long road, it was not easy, because no free lunch out there, but all of these cases have been the proof of the power of LEAN to solve the most varied problems

We also wants this mail to serve as recognition of the efforts, the sacrifices for long stays away from home and, above all, the enthusiasm demonstrated by our colleagues from the very beginning ( more than 15 years ago ): Emilio, Sergio, Angel, Raquel, Juan Luis, Pablo and Juan

Case study #1: Our story (through five key milestones) with Swiss Multinational Company SCHINDLER, second World Manufacturer in Elevators and the first one in Escalators

We started in Zaragoza Factory: Industrial Manager put on the table a "pass / fail" test, with a pilot to improve the productivity of 2 people. We found a solution that allowed to increase productivity over 140% (they could do more than double production with our LEAN design)

This humble Pilot Project in Zaragoza was the # 1 Key Milestone

Once solved this ”poka-yoke”, we have designed a beautiful mixed production line (with totally different elevators) : overall productivity was increased more than 30%. It was a clear success

From there, they proposed our first international jump: a factory in Mulhouse (France), to see if our LEAN concepts could survive a completely different culture: two mixed production lines solved all doubts

Afterwards, Doors Factory in Melun (near Paris), then the Electronic Prints in Locarno (in Italian Switzerland)

The creation of integrated cells for manufacturing Electronic Prints in Locarno was #2 key milestone

And finally the heart of the Multinational in Ebikon ( near Lucerne).That was the most difficult LEAN test, because it was a special factory dedicated to high rise elevators, completely different each other... ..but LEAN demonstrated its power to solve production by order

Then came the American adventure, with the implementation of LEAN in Gettysburg (PA), Clinton (North Carolina) and Epco (New Jersey)

And there, the USA Manufacturing Manager proposed following idea : Why do not use theseexperts in hunting waste” for detecting Non Added operations in the process of Installations on site; We told them we had no experience in that field ... .but they insisted

We started with two pilot sites, to discover potentials, and we finished with a big Project throughout the whole country, with cascade training to all installers within SCHINDLER USA. We did it for new installations, modernizations and repairs : the most significant case was Tower nº 4 of World Trade Center, in New York    

The application of LEAN to Installation Process in World Trade Center, New York,  was #3 key milestone

In parallel, we continue to work in Europe applying LEAN to the four logistics centers SCHINDLER has for its European operations

The merger LEAN Production + LEAN Logistics was #º4 key milestone

And last but not least, we were invited to design, from a blank piece of paper, the new  SCHINDLER European Factory in Slovakia : the most advanced LEAN tools were used…..this Factory really runs according to LEAN EXCELLENCE

Having the professional experience of participating in the LEAN design of most important SCHINDLER European Factory ( as a “Green Field” ) was #5 key milestone

Countries of DIT International References:

Europe: Italy, France, Switzerland, Austria, Russia, Lithuania, Slovakia, Romania, Czech Republic, Poland

America: United States, Mexico, Argentina and Chile

Best regards
Alvaro Ballesteros
tf +34 696 463434

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