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Best practices de LEAN avanzado, incluyendo automatizaciones, en Distribución

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:Este escrito está dedicado a mostrar algunas de las soluciones más avanzadas que se han implantado en los Centros de Distribución líderes en el mundo  

AGV´S-Robots en AMAZON
Lo que vemos forma parte de la nueva generación de sus plantas de redistribución ubicadas a la largo de Estados Unidos. Algunas características de esta 8° generación de centros:

  • Más de 15,000 robots Kiva para mover estantes a los lugares correctos
  • Robo-Stow, uno de los brazos mecánicos más grandes jamás creados, que permite trasladar mercadería pesada
  • Nuevo sistema de visión que permite recibir, contabilizar y descargar un contenedor completo en menos de 30 minutos (en lugar de varias horas)
  • Nuevas computadoras para los empleados que hace que completar los pedidos sea mucho más rápido

Las mercancías van a las personas, no al revés:



Picking automático

Vanderlande’s automated case picking (ACP) systems provide the tools to outperform traditional order fulfillment methods. These improvements not only benefit distribution centres, but also the efficiency of the processes at work in stores. Vanderlande’s ACP design is setup to allow modular growth and ensures availability by utilising parallel activities.
The service levels of a supermarket are highly dependent on the quality and speed  of its replenishment systems. When the store orders a shipment from the  distribution centre, it is essential that the pallets are selected in the same sequence of product groups as the store’s layout. Before the pallets are stacked, the load forming logic software defines an optimal stacking pattern, with this product group sequence in mind.
It also defines stable pallets that are filled with maximum efficiency, so that the transport volume is minimised. The finished pallets will be wrapped and  transported to stores, where there will be no need for extra sortation and they  can be used immediately to fill the shelves.
The  Load Forming Logic (LFL) software ensures:

  • optimal  fill rates
  • lower  transportation costs
  • a  green solution, with less trucks needed for transportation
  • direct  shelf replenishment
  • improved  customer experience
  • lower  costs in store
  • a  distribution centre with the smallest footprint.

Robotic technology
In the automated distribution centre, a robot with a special mechanical gripper is used to take full layers of product from the pallet. The layers are then deposited on a conveyor system, where individual products are oriented correctly by a series of processes. Safe handling in the storage system is ensured by a 3D-measuring system that uses laser technology.
When building a new pallet, a robotic palletiser will stack products according to a pre-defined methodology. It is also able to handle products safely and in any direction. The software ensures that stacking patterns are stable and takes into account the maximum weight that can be put on top of each product.    

Almacenamiento automático  

ADAPTO is a highly flexible storage, retrieval and transportation system. It provides unrivalled scalability and availability, and enables users to maximise customer service levels.

Scalability  and availability
ADAPTO makes optimal use of available  space in warehouses, while extending or adding aisles to increase storage capacity and the system remains operational. The throughput of an existing  ADAPTO can be further increased by adding MICROSHUTTLES and/or lifts.
In addition, ADAPTO ensures easy access to products at all times. This is not affected by lift or shuttle unavailability due to the way in which each shuttle can reach every location in  the system.
Maintainability and sustainability
Maintenance platforms allow quick operator access to all shuttles and rack locations, enabling fast and safe troubleshooting. If operator intervention is required, the problem area is  isolated, affecting only a minor part of the system.
A multi-layer safety system allows operators to work safely inside ADAPTO, while the separate maintenance  workstation (where shuttles can drive to themselves) has been ergonomically designed for engineers. This helps to keep running costs and energy consumption  low.
ADAPTO is a 3D product that consists of  the following components:
  • racking structure with integrated  shuttle track system
  • multidirectional microshuttles that  transport product carriers between rack locations and system exits/entries
  • lifts that allow the shuttles to move  between rack levels and system exits/entries
  • shuttle traffic control software that  maximises system throughput and minimises order lead times
  • highly user-friendly interface that  provides a real-time overview of the system.


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